JUNE 20, 2012

I’m still committed to this blog because it will provide me with a searchable archive of all the walks I’ve taken and all the things I’ve seen and wondered about and learned. Also it would help me establish a PHENOLOGY specific to where I spend most of my time. It will also provide me with a record of our trips and travels, including our first visit to Cedar Key and, much later, the winters we spent there.

AUGUST 5, 2011

I think I must have given up on present time back in 2009 because I’m now posting Cedar Key entries from 2010/2011 to remind me of how much I want to go back. I wonder if I’ll ever fill in all the blanks and all the years I have notes for?

JULY 25, 2009

It’s all I can do these days to stay up to date in present time….

JULY 15, 2009

Today I finished posting July 2009 through July 12, which is the last day I took a walk. So I’m now up to date in present time. I also posted all of July 1979. Maybe tomorrow I can do July 1980 and 1981 so I can see how typing one month at a time feels.

APRIL 20, 2009

I decided I should report my progress to myself (and anyone else who’s interested) every once in a while just to keep myself going. I am recognizing that this job is going to take me much longer than I thought it would, and it occurred to me that I need a system that’s more motivating than just doggedly, oh so doggedly, typing every entry day by day, year after year. So my plan is to  proceed month by month, using the month I’m in to enjoy revisiting the same month over my 30-some years of record keeping. So far I’ve posted APRIL 1979, APRIL 1980, and APRIL 2009 as of today. I wonder how many more Aprils I can post before I have to start on May?


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