January 1979

The SPIDERS in my basement: abdomen yellow with brown markings in no particular pattern; abdomen has a tip at the end (spinnerets?); long legs with brown bands. They build 3-dimensional cobwebby webs (as opposed to flat 2 dimensional webs).


Saturday 1/20/79: 3 degrees above zero Thursday when Peter and I went for dinner. 20 degrees below zero Friday morning. 8 degrees above Saturday morning. My stuffy nose and first-thing-in-the-morning allergy is back.

It’s been cold for the last few days. Yesterday’s high was 2 degrees above zero. Low this morning was 10 below. Cold, clear. Everything squeaks. Moon will be full tomorrow night. Beautiful night. 10 above.

Still raining.

Left the house at 4:10 p.m. I’m now standing on my own Lookout at dusk on the first day of 1979. It’s raining. It’s warm enough to be spring. Kept coming across deer tracks followed by dog tracks followed by Bob’s tracks following them. A metaphor for how different Bob and I are: I keep crisscrossing the tracks as I follow the trail rather than following Bob and the animals. I think Bob is an Indian. Back at 4:40 p.m. It took me half an hour to walk the easiest flattest loop even in the wet snow. Took another walk tonight down to the foot of the hill and back. It was balmy, 48 degrees F. The road is muddy, soft underfoot. Brook is up and so is the Huntington River. Strange weather we’re having in 1979.