March 2009

7:00 a.m. Heard a ROBIN in my side yard when I went out to get the paper this morning — first of the season for my own yard. At about noon, I heard a FLOCK OF GEESE flying overhead in St. George. According to Matt Crawford of the BFP, the FIRST WARM SOAKING RAIN OF SPRING hit the Champlain Valley today, and SPOTTED SALAMANDERS started moving toward their vernal pools to breed.


Walked down to the Nature Center with Amy Handy this afternoon. We saw a BEAVER and an OTTER at the Beaver Pond, and a pair of WOOD DUCKS at Peeper Pond. Paula says she has already heard WOOD FROGS.

A MALE EVENING GROSBEAK showed up at the Museum’s feeders today. The flock of TURKEYS is still hanging around the feeders and side yard. Bob counted 18 today. He thinks they’re about half females and half males. TWO of them are ADULT MALES with full, long beards. Some of the other males are younger and just starting to grow their beards.

Saw a small flock of GEESE flying over I-89 in South Burlington today.

Spent much of the day in Winooski. I heard GULLS making a racket and could see them flying round and round above Salmon Hole. Saw a ROBIN on my way down to the river to see what the gulls were up to. I saw lots of gulls, but have no idea what had them flying around and making such a fuss. Bob saw a GRACKLE at his feeders today.

7:00 a.m. MOON still visible through the trees this morning. It’s moving toward a HALF MOON, which means the fourth quarter. Craig says he now has a song sparrow at his feeder in Charlotte.

When I went out to get the paper this morning, I could see a big bright MOON through the trees on the hillside behind the mailbox. This afternoon I saw a CHIPMUNK come out of a hole in the snow pile near the entry to Bob’s shop. It scampered off along the length of the Museum. Bob says he’s been seeing chipmunks around the feeders and elsewhere for the past three or four days. I’m hearing MOURNING DOVES COOING, and Erin has heard a CARDINAL SINGING. Bob saw a RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD at the feeders today.

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