3:00 p.m. Walking in my woods on a beautiful day. Saw someome RED TRILLIUM in bloom, some still in bud. I noticed a pair of leaves that I’m thinking might be ORCHID LEAVES coming up near the white flag I marked them with last year. They’re just uphill from one of my boundary pins, which is also marked with a white flag. As I stand here looking at the brook, I find it interesting that I like to look UP the brook to see the riffles, cascades, and falls, but I like to look DOWN the river to follow the flow. Noticed a cluster of four paired leaves near my Audubon boundary pin. As I looked around the area I saw a lot more than four. Could this be a whole bed of orchids I’ve missed in the past? They’re only a little ways from the RATTLESNAKE PLANTAIN I always route myself by when I’m walking down this way. The bugs are out in earnest today–gnats, I hope, but maybe BLACK FLIES? They’re flying around me, but I couldn’t tempt one to land on my bare hand, so I don’t think they’re black flies. I think there are a lot of nice sitting places along this section of the brook. I need to try some of them out. I decided to drop down to the brook at the bottom of all the lovely falls and cascades and spotted another clump of orchids, BUT I’m beginning to thing maybe they’re all CLINTONIA?  Now that I think about it, I’m sure they are. A few PEEPERS are still peeping from the lower beaver ponds. I discovered a BED OF WILD LEEKS WITH RED TRILLIUM MIXED IN not far from the bridge across to the Heaths’ Wildflower Meadow. Flushed a DUCK (all I saw was brown) off the pond closest the bridge. I wonder if that breeeeep I’m hearing–and have been hearing over the years and thinking is a new frog–is actually a peeper singing a solo? SONG SPARROW singing in Heaths’ Meadow. BLUETS are up right on schedule! Saw several ROBINS on my way down to the river. Found some BLOODROOT LEAVES near the river. The flowers have gone by–but not all of them. I chanced upon a healthy bed in FULL BLOOM just before the first beaver channel. Heard a YELLOWRUMP singing near the river. Saw it too. There is LOTS OF BLOODROOT along this stretch of river that used to be impossible to get to because of the beaver work. For some reason, the beavers have decided to let this area be, and I can once again get down to my favorite old sitting rock. I found my old rock quite easily and spotted a small clump of COLTSFOOT still in flower about 10 or 12 feet away. I feel as if I’m home again. I do like this spot better than all the others. I kept exploring until I hit beaver work that blocked my way and spotted quite a bit more COLTSFOOT near their broken dam. Spotted five PAINTED TRILLIUMS blooming in the main sugar bush not far from the original beaver pond and blind. Heard a KINGFISHER and RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD. Noticed more PAINTED TRILLIUM as I walked toward the HEMLOCK SWAMP. Saw some HOBBLEBUSH in flower near the bridge just beyond to the upper bench. Heard a RED-EYED VIREO (first of season) singing from the Audubon woods not far from the upper Brook Trail.