January 2009

9:15 a.m. 10 degrees F. Heard a WOODPECKER DRUMMING when I went outdoors to check my thermometer this morning.


Saw a BROWN CREEPER down low on the big RED PINE outside my kitchen window.

One of the nice things about this cold spell we’ve been suffering through is that I’ve been able to watch the MOON waning. My new iPhone, which I bought the second day it was available in Vermont (1/16/09), offers a weather page that shows the phase of the moon at the top. Starting today, which is the day I learned how the weather option works, I’ve been watching both the real and virtual moon waning toward a crescent. New moon scheduled for 1/26.

The 1/19/09 Burlington Free Press ran a short piece on the BALD EAGLE that’s been hanging out at the Intervale Compost area. “Baldy” has visited each year for the past past four winters, staying for two to three months. He was spotted early in January this year.

Spotted a HALF MOON today, which means the moon is already three-quarters of the way through its monthly cycle.

6:30 a.m. 8 degrees F. BIG MOON in the western sky, but it’s already waning (almost imperceptibly).

4:00 p.m. 18 degrees F. Walked my minimal mile up to Lisa’s and back. I wanted to get a good look at Camel’s Hump in the late afternoon sun. It was magnificent on this cold, clear winter day.

Another DEAD MOUSE this morning, this time in the trap near the sink. It’s below zero out, cold and clear. When I went out to get the paper I saw a big bright MOON shining in the western sky. It’s scheduled to be full at 10:27 tonight. I also spotted the BIG DIPPER again. After breakfast, Bob showed me TWO RUFFED GROUSE out the back bedroom window. They were feeding in a skinny little shadbush in the side yard.

2:20 p.m. 20 degrees F. : Bob and I took a walk in the cold winter woods. Lots of TRACKS: SQUIRRELS, TURKEYS, DEER, RUFFED GROUSE. Bob thinks one of the deer had a broken front leg and was dragging it along through the snow, which made an odd single line that looked a little like a one-legged cross country skier.

Heard a TUFTED TITMOUSE calling when I went out to mail something this morning. Bob says he’s had them hanging around the Museum feeders.

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