May 1979

DAISIES IN BLOOM near the Richmond access to I-89. Noticed a BUTTERCUP IN BLOOM on Sherman Hollow Road. From the Interstate, I can see that the Riverside Farm has started MOWING one field. HAWKWEEDS coming up.


Animal DROPPINGS on the bench in the lower blind. They don’t look like rodent droppings. There are sections (but not pellets) about the size of peas or corn. The pattern includes a cluster, then a single and a single, then a section. They stretch the full length of the bench. Ah, scatology….

Couldn’t find my SONG SPARROW NEST this evening. Saw a YELLLOWTHROAT in the willow just to the right of the path coming out of the pine woods from the direction of the swamp. Lots of small POLISTES NESTS in the blind at the dug pond. Several really small ones look abandoned. Some of the nests have wasps in residence. I would need a flashlight to do a good survey. There’s also a DRAGONFLY hooked to another bug — or is it its own nymphal case? — on the ceiling. I thought it was dead, but when I touched it, it flicked its wings. So it’s alive and well. Black segments on its wings. It’s the same species I had in my car the other day.

PINK LADY’S SLIPPER: two basal leaves, heavily pleated (ridged?), parallel-veined, shiny green. Green “hood.” Top and bottom reddish structures like petals or sepals. To sides, thinner, darker, hairier structures. Insect flies through entrance into slipper part of the flower. At top of slipper, there’s a tongue overlapping the top with a structure (the ovary?) inside. The structure looks like a duck’s bill with two eyes. The inside of the flower is hairy. Hair is quite thick toward the top. Growing in pine woods, but I’m also seeing maple and beech leaves plus hay-scented ferns and club moss.

A RED-EYED VIREO sang from an exposed branch while Bob and Dwight and I were standing in the garden, His throat expanded with each song. Yes, the BEAVERS are very definitely building up the lower dam again. Rainy night, SWALLOWS FLYING CLOSE TO THE GRASS.

The WHITE PINES ARE PUTTING UP THEIR CANDLES. The Lookout still makes me feel the same way it always has. It’s windy tonight, overcast, but fresh, cool, moist, with a wide open view. HAIRCAP MOSS CAPSULES ARE UP. They’re hard and green. Found broken ROBINS’ EGGS along the yellow-rope trail where it goes through the white pines. Saw an incredibly small RED EFT on the road tonight.

SLUGS hanging around after a rain. This is not the first time I’ve seen them this year. BEAVERS have done a little patching at the broken lower dam. Scared a DEER that was feeding by the beaver pond near the lower blind. It took off into the sugarbush. I saw two BEAVERS out of the water on the far side of the pond. I heard them chewing before I saw them. Saw one MALE MALLARD. Also saw TENT CATERPILLARS on a large-toothed aspen and a RED EFT on the road.

I saw two BEAVERS at the beaver pond, one with its mouth full of grass. A pair of WOOD DUCKS were swimming off into the trees. There’s a pair of YELLOWTHROATS nesting near the cattail march, to the right as you come out of the white pine woods headed toward the Nature Center. Saw a few FIREFLIES hovering over the meadow across the road tonight.

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