July 1979

For the past week or so I’ve been noticing a lot of FLAT SPIDER WEBS in the grass —  FUNNEL WEAVERS’ WEBS? Also, CAROLINA GRASSHOPPERS appeared about a week ago.


Quite a few birds hanging around the yard near the lilac bush and suet feeder: DOWNY and HAIRY WOODPECKERS, SPARROWS.

In BLACK-EYED SUSANS, one flower head grows at the end of each stem. CHICORY — basal rosette of large dandelionlike leaves, stem tough and rough to the touch, branches, flowers grow in groups of 2-3 but only one blossom at a time.

WHIP-POOR-WILL whipping tonight.


Saw a mother HAIRY WOODPECKER feeding a grown young one with suet this morning.

FIREWEED — magenta flowers, 4 petals and 4 narrow sepals(?), tall white stigma(?) with 4 tightly rolled structures at tip (on one flower, the roll has loosened), 8 filaments with anthers much lower than stigma, long (almost 2 inches in some) tube connecting flower to stem, leaves long and slender. Whole plant rises like a spire — longer bigger flowers toward the bottom, smaller shorter flowers toward the top. HUMMINGBIRD, HONEYBEES.

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