At 6:30 a.m. it’s about 68 degrees out, and both VENUS and the WANING CRESCENT MOON (15% left) are clearly visible. It took me until almost 7:00 a.m. to get to the Cedar Cove end of the Park Beach because I had to make numerous stops to pick up bits of plastic, kids’ toys, bottle caps, soda bottles, etc. This new mission of mine to keep things made of plastic and metal out of the Gulf may do me in….

Now that I’m standing still, I can feel the wind blowing in from Atsena Otie, which makes it a South or Southwest wind, and it’s strong enough to be creating audible wavelets. The BLACK SKIMMERS are all over the place this morning. I saw the GREAT BLUE HERON when I arrived, but it disappeared when I wasn’t looking. My fellow bird watchers from Pensacola are in Cedar Key again. The husband called down to me from his Cedar Cove balcony. It’s nice to have friends…. A WILLET just flew by and landed on the Park Beach.

By the time I got to the Cedar Key townhouses, the SUN was up and shining brightly. No GREAT BLUE HERON over here either, but there’s a VULTURE on the beach this morning. I think it’s a TURKEY VULTURE, but I can’t quite tell what color its head is with the sun in my eyes. It just flew away from the sun, and I saw red so it’s a TURKEY VULTURE. There’s also a WILLET in the water way down to my left.