At 6:35 a.m. it’s about 60 degrees out and cloudy. Despite the clouds I did manage to see both VENUS and the almost-QUARTER MOON, which looks like a half moon to me…. Got to the Cedar Cove end of the Park Beach at 6:55 a.m.  It’s windy this morning, with the wind blowing from the East, I think. Whatever direction it’s coming from, it’s blowing wavelets against the Park Beach. I think I saw the SPOTTED SANDPIPER on the Cedar Cove rocks when I first got here, but I can’t see it now. No GREAT BLUE HERON either, but the BLACK SKIMMERS  are active.

From behind the Cedar Cove Townhouses at 7: 05 a.m., I see BLACK SKIMMERS everywhere. One small group is standing in the shallow water covering the sand spit.. Another group is just flying over from the Park Beach. Another is flying higher, and at least two more are flying in the distance. There’s no way I can estimate the number, but my sense is that I haven’t seen this many before. It’s what I would call a busy morning for BLACK SKIMMERS. I’m sharing this space with two photographers who are busily taking pictures of what I’m watching. I wonder how much of what’s going on they’re really seeing?

At 7:20, when I was walking toward the Dock Street Bridge, I saw THREE BALD EAGLES flying around the Cedar Key Marina. I think TWO were adults (white head and tail) and the third may have been a younger one because I noticed some brown on the head and tail. I need to check details for the males, females, and young.

Bob and I decided to go up to the LSNWR Observation Deck late this afternoon. A BARRED OWL was hooting when we arrived at 4:20 p.m. Bob spotted one of the small ALLIGATORS up at the left end of the pond. I spotted another one just to the right of the Observation Deck.