55 degrees F at 5:55 a.m.: It was muggy and humid this morning. Lots of clouds and a bit of wind. I heard a DEER SNORTING across from Buffy’s. I always thought that was a male deer making some kind of public announcement, but Bob told me it’s the female who makes that sound as a warning to her fawn. Otherwise not much sound or activity this morning. No stars or moon either. Oh well, at least I took my walk.

ROAD TRIP TO THE NORTHEAST KINGDOM: Bob’s been talking about wanting to drive up to the Northeast Kingdom, so we decided to go today. It was a LONG DRIVE…. I routed us to Island Pond by way of Montpelier and St. Johnsbury, which is the longest way I could have chosen. Next time we’ll go straight up Route 100, then to Craftsbury and cross country from there.

When we got to Island Pond, we took the South America Pond Road way down into the Wenlock and West Mountain Wildlife Management Areas. Lots of wild country, but no birds. To visit Moose Bog, we would have had to walk a distance and we were too tired to hike, so I drove us back to Island Pond and got Bob some ice cream as a consolation gift. Then we drove home by way of East Charleston, over the mountain to Westmore/Lake Willoughby, then to Orleans, Irasburg, Lowell, and all the way down Route 100 back to Waterbury. It was a long and tiring day, but I enjoyed spending it with Bob.