It’s 60 degrees at 6:20 a.m. When I paused by my Stone Wall to listen for birds, a DOWNY WOODPECKER peeked overhead. I actually saw it for once. It was in the maple that’s directly across the road from my mailbox. I’m hearing a CATBIRD this morning, and a BLUE JAY, HERMIT THRUSH, ROBIN, and GOLDFINCH. I spotted a few more ripe BLACKBERRIES and ate them. Got to the Eagle Scout’s Bench at 6:35 a.m. It’s cool and breezy this morning even if the temperature is 60 degrees. I can see some hints of blue in the morning sky, but there’s a lot of gray too. It feels like a gray day from where I’m sitting. I wonder if Bob would be willing to clear the small trees at this end of his pond to open up the view from this bench? I think I’ll go looking for more BLACKBERRIES. Got to the Thinking Bench at 6:50 a.m. with a few stops for blackberries. I think I’m hearing a WOOD THRUSH, but I need to hike up into the woods and listen carefully. On my way up to this bench, I decided to retire at least 5 of my white flags that aren’t marking SUNDEWS anymore. As I sit here I think I might be hearing a PEWEE up in the woods behind me. MOVING ON: I definitely heard a PEWEE. Noticed a small RED EFT in the damp leaf litter on the edge of the trail I’m walking on. Heard a MOURNING DOVE in the distance. Am seeing more EFTS, so I guess I can declare this an EFTY morning. I’ve been noticing FALSE MORELS along this trail for about a week. Or maybe they’re FALSE CHANTERELLES? I seem to have quit paying attention to mushrooms. I need to review my field guides…. On my way back down through the overgrown field, I saw a SONG SPARROW that wasn’t singing. Just heard a YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER. The SUN is now shining brightly through the gray clouds. Just saw the white rump patch of a FLICKER. Also spotted a HOUSE WREN.