The temperature is somewhere in the mid-60’s, and it’s breezy this morning. I stopped at the parking lot at the far end of the Gillett Pond on my way to the boat launch just to listen for whatever birds I might hear up at that end. I heard a SWAMP SPARROW and what I think was an ALDER FLYCATCHER, not a PHOEBE, out in the marshy area. Closer in I heard a SONG SPARROW, RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD, HOUSE WREN (I think), and COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. A GRACKLE flew over while I was standing there listening. Along the road near the boat launch, I heard a RED-EYED VIREO and a BLUE JAY, and my friend who lives near Gillett Pond and owns part of the shoreline, saw a CROW while he was wheeling his canoe up the road from his house to the boat launch. None of these birds count toward the total for our annual paddle around Gillett Pond, but they are of interest. When my friend left his house, the temperature was 68 degrees, and the first thing we noticed when we started paddling at 8:02 a.m. was that it was windy on the water. We heard or saw 21 species this year: 1.TUFTED TITMOUSE, 2.BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEE, 3.RED-EYED VIREO, 4.RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD, 5.JUNCO, 6.CEDAR WAXWINGS, 7.VEERY, 8.HERMIT THRUSH, 9.PEWEE, 10.WINTER WREN, 11.BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER, 12.ROBIN, 13.PHOEBE, 14.BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, 15.BLUE-HEADED VIREO, 16.BLUE JAY, 17.KINGFISHER, 18.SONG SPARROW, 19.SWAMP SPARROW, 20.GOLDFINCH, 21.CROW. As always, it was an interesting paddle. Gillett Pond is a special place, and every year I tell myself that I’m going to spend more time there….