I’m starting on my walk this morning at 5:40 a.m. It’s 55 degrees out — cool, misty, with drops dripping from the leaves. From my Stone Wall, I can hear a TUFTED TITMOUSE, GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER, ROBIN, CEDAR WAXWING, BLUE JAY, and COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. As I walked up through the meadow and approached Bob’s Pond, I heard an OVENBIRD and WHITE-THROATED SPARROW. Up at the Thinking Bench I heard a JUNCO singing from the Audubon Woods. As I started up into my woods, I heard a RED-EYED VIREO, and as I kept on climbing toward the back boundary, I added a BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER, PEWEE, BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER, and CHICKADEE. I made it to the back boundary at 6:13 a.m. and have decided to call this boundary Cote’s Boundary to distinguish it from the back boundary on the other side of the road, which I should call Moultroup’s Boundary, but I’m not sure I’ll remember to….  It’s humid, dripping, and misty this morning, and I’m sweating from the hike up to this back corner. Just heard a BLUE-HEADED VIREO. Moving on, I heard a SCARLET TANAGER and a REDSTART. Leaning against my Leaning Rock: The woods feel quieter this morning — or maybe the dripping is distracting me from the bird songs? Where’s the WOOD THRUSH and LEAST FLYCATCHER I’ve been hearing from this rock every morning? Is it because I’m running late? It’s already 6:35 a.m. Just heard the LEAST FLYCATCHER, a BROWN CREEPER, and the WOOD THRUSH! As I headed downhill, I heard a HERMIT THRUSH and ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK. Now it’s raining, but not a drop is falling on me — strange…. At the Stone Crossing I heard six species of birds singing. Moving on, I heard a WINTER WREN not far from the Stone Crossing, and as I got closer to Saxtons’ Meadow, I heard a SONG SPARROW. Caught a glimpse of a woodpecker flying from tree to tree. From its size and loud whinny, I’m fairly sure it was a HAIRY WOODPECKER. When I got back to the road, I saw a FLICKER fly up into a tree — spotted the white rump patch as it landed. As I approached my house, I heard a CATBIRD fussing in my side yard. Home at 7:20 a.m., having seen or heard 28 species.