Starting at 5:15 a.m. It’s 54 degrees out. From my Stone Wall, I heard a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT OVENBIRD, ROBIN, and BLUE JAY. From my side boundary pin, I heard a VEERY, the mystery song that I think is a weird CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER, and a CHICKADEE. Walking up the side of the Meadow near Charlie’s house, I heard a SONG SPARROW, WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, CATBIRD, WINTER WREN, and GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER. At Bob’s Pond, I added a RED-EYED VIREO and TUFTED TITMOUSE. While I was sitting on the Listening Bench, I heard a JUNCO and HERMIT THRUSH. Walking up through my woods I heard a SCARLET TANAGER, BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER, and BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER. I think I also heard a PILEATED WOODPECKER drumming from way up near the back boundary (Cote’s Boundary). Heard a BLUE-HEADED VIREO as I approached my Sitting Root near my back corner pin. I think I could make it from the Thinking Bench to my Sitting Root in 10 minutes if I pushed, but with stops to listen to and list the bird songs, it takes me closer to 15 minutes. Just heard a REDSTART and am tempted to hike up onto Cote’s property to look for what I think is the PILEATED WOODPECKER, but his “No Trespassing” signs discourage me. Maybe I should talk to him and ask for special permission? I think I might have just heard a HAWK — “Keeeeer” — while I standing near my back corner pin. Moving on, I heard a YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER, LEAST FLYCATCHER, and PEWEE. Found a feather on the logging road as I was walking toward my Leaning Rock. From my Leaning Rock I heard 9 bird species of birds singing. Moving on, I heard a GOLDFINCH and wondered what it was doing way up here in the woods. I theorized that maybe one of the Saxtons’ clear-cuts attracted it, so I decided to bushwhack up to the Cote/Saxton corner (as opposed to the Cote/Audubon corner, where I had just been). It was rough going, but I had barbed wire to guide me from tree to tree and Cote’s bright red boundary signs to lead me to the corner. No one seems to have worked this particular part of the woods, maybe because it’s so rough and rocky? I kind of like it up here. No one would ever find me if I decided to hide behind one of the big boundary trees…. Now I’m sitting on a big stump near the edge of the Saxton clear-cut closest to the corner where the three properties come together. It’s an interesting open space in what’s otherwise big woods. Maybe I should add this stump to my regular stops? Or maybe I should visit it once in a while just to see what’s going on way up here? I think I’ll give it a name just in case: Saxtons’ Logging Stump. When I headed downhill, I finally heard a WOOD THRUSH near Malfunction Junction — and also a NUTHATCH. From the Stone Crossing I heard 8 species (all of them repeats) singing at 6:55 this morning. Moving on I heard a BROWN CREEPER and CROW (in the distance). From the Power Bench at Saxtons’ View, I heard fussy bird sounds — maybe young in the nest? — and also the metallic chink of a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK. Near Baileys’ Boundary, I saw GRACKLES and a female or maybe an immature EVENING GROSBEAK. Across from the Museum I saw the BALTIMORE ORIOLE flying into its nesting tree. As I approached my house, I heard a finally heard a CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER. It just occurred to me that the HOUSE WRENS don’t seem to be singing anymore, but I heard their scolding notes earlier this morning when I walked by where they’ve been nesting. Home at 7:30 a.m., having heard or seen 33 species of birds. Bob says the feather I found up on the logging road near Cote’s Boundary is a TURKEY FEATHER!