Leaving on my walk at 6:05 a.m. It’s 25 degrees out — even colder than yesterday! First bird I heard was a ROBIN, followed by an OVENBIRD,  CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER, CHICKADEE, RED-EYED VIREO, HERMIT THRUSH, BLACK-THROATED BLUE, and NUTHATCH. I heard a trill, but my ears wouldn’t tell me whether it was a JUNCO or a CHIPPING SPARROW. As I got close to the Nature Center I heard a BROWN CREEPER, GOLDFINCH, and GEESE honking as they flew over. They sounded as if they might be headed toward the Nature Center’s beaver pond, but then they circled around and seemed to be headed back toward Bernd’s pond? Or maybe they were flying in a huge circle toward Gillett pond? Got to the Nature Center’s driveway at 6:40 a.m.  and heard a SOLITARY VIREO and the GEESE again. Heavy FROST on the Nature Center’s lawn. Heard a NASHVILLE WARBLER (I think) singing from the side field. Got to the Lookout at 6:55 a.m. It’s a beautiful clear morning — blue sky, white clouds, sun well above the ridgeline — but it’s too cold to sit here and enjoy it. Walking along the Hires Trail toward Lichen Rock, I heard a YELLOWRUMP and a WINTER WREN in the distance. Got to Lichen Rock at 7 a.m. Standing on Lichen Rock in the filtered sunlight listening to the song of the WINTER WREN — what could be more perfect? It could be warmer! It’s too cold to stay here long, but I hate to leave. LATER: Bob says he spotted 2 TREE SWALLOWS on the wires across from the house at about 10 a.m. — first of season.