5:40 a.m.: It’s Christmas Day in Cedar Key. Sunrise 7:24 a.m./Sunset 5:46 p.m. Overcast and sprinkling. No sun. Oh well…. 7:30 a.m.: Breakfast at Kona Joe’s in pouring rain. The sun poked through the clouds for a while, then disappeared again. Low tide was at 1:17 p.m. At 1:30 p.m. Bob and I took a short walk behind the condos. We saw a BROWN PELICAN, KINGFISHER, several OYSTER CATCHERS, a GREAT EGRET (yellow bill, black legs and feet), 2 WHITE IBISES, 10 or more SCAUP (probably LESSER), an OSPREY, a SPOTTED SANDPIPER, a MOCKINGBIRD, HOUSE SPARROWS, and a BIG DOVE with black on the back of its neck. A FLOCK OF WOOD STORKS flew overhead, looking elongated and pre-historic. I hope we’ll see them again so I can really look at them. 4:45 p.m.: early Christmas Dinner at the Island Hotel. It was an excellent local meal. Bob had a fish platter of all local fish, and I had local clams. It was a multi-course meal, and every course was interesting and delicious. Not a bad way to celebrate Christmas 2009 — and our first full day in Cedar Key.