4:00 p.m. It’s a cold, dark, damp day in Huntington, but I need to take a walk. Guess I’ll seize this opportunity to wander around in my own woods. When I was walking along the edge of the Retreat toward the woods, I startled a WHITE-TAILED DOE and her FAWN. They bounded off in the direction of Lady’s Slipper Knoll. I decided to drop down to Blood’s Chute from this side today, and when I got there I decided to work my way over the rocks and roots down to the bottom of it. I’ve never looked UP this chute before. It’s interesting from this angle. There are some nice potholes down here, and the pool the water flows into is crystal clear. Maybe I’ll come down here again when the weather is better sometime — or when it’s raining and the brook is running high? Just below the pool a big HEMLOCK with a split trunk looks ready to fall across the brook. I’ll have to watch for when it happens. 4:50 p.m. It’s raining. Time to head home after an interesting walk on a dreary day.