1:30 p.m. in Winooski. It’s overcast and breezy this afternoon. Both CEDAR WAXWINGS and SWALLOWS are flying over the cascades. I’m not sure what kind of swallows they are because they’re moving too fast for me to see field marks. There are 3 BROWN DUCKS (probably MALLARDS) and two CROWS out on the rocks with the GULLS today, and a FLOCK OF PIGEONS just flew over. Just spotted a BARN SWALLOW TAIL on one of the swallows, so I guess at least some of them are barn swallows. CHIMNEY SWIFTS flying over the apartments — or are they condos? — again. LOTS of birds today. A GREAT BLUE HERON flew up from the far end of the lagoon. There’s also a BROWN DUCK back there. I’m hearing GOLDFINCHES and CATBIRDS as usual. Spotted 2 KINGBIRDS perched in a dead WILLOW near the lagoon end of the marsh. I also saw TWO FLOCKS OF BLACK BIRDS perched in two different dead trees near the electric meter along the construction road. Can’t tell whether they’re REDWINGS or STARLINGS in this light and at this distance. From glimpses of some tails, I’m going to guess they’re REDWINGS.