1:00 in Winooski on a hot, sunny, steamy day. I’m headed down the back construction road to take a quick look at the upper end of the lagoon. I can hear an agitated KINGBIRD flying around the lagoon area. Saw a MOURNING DOVE on the road. Heard a BLUE JAY fussing and looked up to see what it might be fussing at — a RED-TAILED HAWK! I see the small heron again. It’s perched absolutely still on a thin branch about a foot or two above the water. I saw light yellow-green legs, maybe some dark green on the head along with some chestnut, streaks on the front of the neck, and speckled brown on the body. I finally checked my field guide and learned that it’s an IMMATURE GREEN HERON. Heard or saw ROBINS, GOLDFINCHES, and a CATBIRD, and eard and saw a KINGFISHER fly by. On my way back to my car, I heard and saw a flock of CHIMNEY SWIFTS flittering and twittering overhead above some of the new apartment buildings.