This morning I noticed a group of GRACKLES in my yard — a big family or a small flock?

1:00 p.m. in Winooski: Saw CEDAR WAXWINGS flying over the Salmon Hole area today. I’m guessing they must be after flying insects. LOTS OF GULLS at the cascades again. Also FOUR DUCKS. Saw CEDAR WAXWINGS flying over the cascades too. Lots of ROBINS hanging around in the trees and shrubs along the lagoon trail. Heard GOLDFINCHES and a CATBIRD near the road at the upper end of the lagoon Also a CARDINAL. Saw a KINGBIRD perched at the top of a tall dead tree out in the cattail marsh a ways. BIG FAT GARTER SNAKE on the woodland trail just before the opening for the power lines. When I got to the opening, I saw a KINGFISHER flying along the river. Decided to hike on around the marsh up to Route 15 today. Spotted 2 WHITE-TAILED DEER in the hillside woods. I heard CHICKADEES in these woods too. Saw 6 DUCKS swimming around in the open water along the edge of the cattail marsh. Heard and saw a HAIRY WOODPECKER right next to the trail. ROBINS in these woods too. I think I heard a DOWNY WOODPECKER and definitely heard a CATBIRD and GOLDFINCHES.