3:10 p.m. Sunny, 70 degrees. I decided to walk down my side of the brook to the river today. It’s cool and moist in the woods. I was afraid there would be lots of bugs, but as long as I keep moving they don’t bother me. There were more bugs trying to bite me when I was fussing around my rock garden in my side yard than there are here. But I do need to keep moving …. 4:10 p.m. Finally got to the river. Flushed a flock of ROBINS — probably a family group. Hear a SONG SPARROW and also CEDAR WAXWINGS. They’re moving around but I saw one perched in a dead tree near where I am. Also flushed an agitated female YELLOWTHROAT when I was pushing through weeds higher than my shoulders. She convinced me to backtrack and try to drop down to the river, which is running so high there’s not much of a bank to walk on. I managed to make my way downstream toward my favorite rock, but there’s just too much water to sit on it, so I settled for another rock upstream a ways. It’s hot now that I’m out of the woods, but I do love the sound of the rushing water here. A RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD just flew in. I’m still hearing CEDAR WAXWINGS, who seem to like this spot too. JOE PYE WEED and MEADOWSWEET are flowering near the river and GOLDENRODS are just starting in the Heaths’ old meadow. The surface of the original beaver pond is totally covered with DUCKWEED. No motion anywhere except for a few birds flying around. I hear CHICKADEES and see PHOEBES (I think). Noticed a DEAD SNAKE on the road when I was almost home — a small brown one with a bright salmon color on its underside. Home at 5:00 p.m.