4:50 p.m. Overcast, feels like rain. On my late afternoon walk up the road I saw a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK at Baileys’. Also a MOURNING DOVE, plus I hear two more cooing in the distance. Some GOLDFINCHES flew overhead, and I’m hearing a lot of them as I continue up the road. I’m also hearing some bird chatter — a family group? — and BLUE JAYS and a SONG SPARROW. Across from Betty Charland’s, I’m hearing an INDIGO BUNTING and at WENDALL’S a CHICKADEE. BERND HEINRICH just ran by headed down the road. Heard a ROBIN near Lisa’s. Also a GRACKLE. Could I be hearing CRICKETS already? BINDWEED is in bloom. MILKWEED is in full flower, but I’m not seeing any pods yet. Heard a PILEATED WOODPECKER across from Saxtons’ on the way home.