10:45 a.m. Walking around the WATERWORKS with Tom after breakfast in Bristol. We heard a PEWEE first thing, followed by a SWAMP SPARROW singing from the wet area just off the main trail. At the reservoir we saw a KINGFISHER, heard an ALDER FLYCATCHER and COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, saw a small group of CEDAR WAXWINGS, heard a HERMIT THRUSH, saw a CATBIRD, and heard a SONG SPARROW. At some point we heard the slow song of the BLUE-HEADED VIREO followed by the faster song of the RED-EYED VIREO. Up in the woods we heard a BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER, and toward the end of our walk we heard a RAVEN croaking overhead. On our way down the trail out of the woods, we ran into a MUSHROOM PICKER. He was gathering CHANTERELLES, which were growing all over the place. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many all at once. The Waterworks is full of MOSQUITOES, but otherwise it’s a great place to take a walk.