Bob Low and Gale Lawrence’s Annual Loonwatch —to be sure there are no loons —  on Gillett Pond: 8:05 a.m. Water is high this year because of all the rain. It’s cool and windy this morning. Heard and later saw a GOLDFINCH, heard a RED-EYED VIREO, CHICKADEE, HERMIT THRUSH, and SOLITARY VIREO, saw a KINGFISHER, heard a BLUE JAY, WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH, and JUNCO, saw a PHOEBE, heard a PEWEE, saw CEDAR WAXWINGS, heard a WINTER WREN, SONG SPARROW, VEERY, ROBIN, and SWAMP SPARROW, saw a RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD. So our species total for this year’s Loonwatch was 18 birds, plus YELLOW POND LILIES IN BLOOM, GREEN FROGS “singing,” and THREE PAINTED TURTLES sunning themselves.

On my way to Gillett Pond this morning I noticed some small SUMACS growing near the parking area at the Huntington end of the pond. They had GREEN FLOWER HEADS so I stopped to look at them, and yes they are definitely covered with very small, light green flowers in full bloom. They have red centers.

4:00 p.m. Decided to sneak down the little used (except by me) trail from the Museum’s feeding area to the brook. Found Bob’s SUET FEEDER at the top of the trail, where the BIG BEAR that raided his “bear-proof” feeders dropped it. Have spent the rest of my walk poking along the brook, hugging trees and generally moping around. I’m tired today. The INDIAN PIPES are just starting up in the hemlock woods on my side of Blood’s Chute.