2:25 p.m. Went up to the top of my side yard to look at Bob’s BIGGEST CHESTNUT — it’s huge! Decided to continue on down to Blood’s Chute to check for CHANTERELLES. The chute was wet and slippery, but I managed to get across it without falling or dropping anything, so now I think I’ll go down to check on the RATTLESNAKE PLANTAIN. Still no flower stalks or any sign of them. Started back and heard a BLACKBURNIAN on my way up my side boundary. One WHITE WATER LILY is in bloom on Bob’s Pond. When I walked along the edge to look at it, a GRAY CATBIRD scolded me aggressively. It must have a nest close by. Heard a WINTER WREN in the woods across from Bob’s culvert. Saw a small BLUE BUTTERFLY in the weeds on the edge of these woods. It’s overcast and breezy — feels like rain. BLUEBIRDS active around the mowed area Bob is managing for them.