This morning I killed TWO BIG ANTS and ONE SMALL ONE in my kitchen. I don’t think I’m being invaded this year, but I’m seeing enough of them that I’m bothered.

LATER, 3:30 p.m. in Winooski: Decided to take a walk behind my office and along the river to the dam. Saw two GRACKLES and heard a GOLDFINCH. Discovered a nice patch of BLACK RASPBERRIES where the back road/trail to the dam goes into the woods behind the Woolen Mill. Heard a SONG SPARROW and CROW. Saw more BLACK RASPBERRIES along the trail. The WATER IS HIGH AND MOVING FAST below the dam. All the rain, I guess. There’s a nice bed of FIREWEED down by the river. Some are still flowering, some are already producing seed pods. A ROBIN flew by. Kept on hiking upriver. The CASCADES are high and noisy. Just as I got to the Nature Path, I heard a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. I think I’m hearing a CEDAR WAXWING overhead. I think a saw a CATBIRD and definitely heard a CHICKADEE. Saw a BIG FAT THISTLE IN BLOOM. Also some QUEEN ANNE’S LACE. Winooski has a Farmer’s Market on Thursdays from 3:30 to 6:30. They set up along the sidewalk in front of the Champlain Mill.