10:00 a.m. Bob and I decided to take a long walk from one side of the property to the other. It was overcast when we started out, but we thought we could manage some rain. First we hiked over to the Warbler Hotspot by way of Spear Memorial Highway, the Retreat, and the Yellow Trail. We heard a HERMIT THRUSH, OVENBIRD, AND YELLOWRUMP en route. At the side boundary we headed back the other way, up and over Lady’s Slipper Knoll to the Red Trail. The PINK LADY’S SLIPPERS have gone by. I guess I’ll have to skip them as long as the GOSHAWKS are nesting here. We revisited the THREE GOSHAWK NESTS in this area just to be sure we could find them again. Then we took the Red Trail back across the middle of the property. Heard a SCARLET TANAGER not far from the GOSHAWKS’ FIRST NEST. A ways beyond the intersection of the Red Trail and Lawrence Lane, we noticed another nest high up in a white pine. It didn’t look like the goshawk nests, so we didn’t know what to call it. Maybe a COOPER’S HAWK or a CROW? By the time we got to the Blue-and-White Trail, it was raining in earnest and we were getting soaked, so we headed home without getting all the way to the other side boundary. Maybe next year…. It was nice to take a long slow walk with Bob, but we both noticed how much work the trails need. I’m thinking I should spend more time clearing and marking at least my favorite trails. Back home at noon.