11:00 a.m. On my way home from Richmond, I saw a DOE AND FAWN walking across one of the Moultroups’ meadows on the plateau above Henry’s riverbottom farm. A few minutes later, when I turned up Sherman Hollow, a RUFFED GROUSE dashed across the road right in front of me. 3:00 p.m. Took a walk up the road. I’m seeing YARROW, RED CLOVER, the purple flower that is either vetch or alfalfa, and DAISIES in bloom. Saw a DOE lying in the tall grass in the meadow across from the Saxtons’ house. She was looking straight at me. When I looked back at her through my binoculars, she got up and started bounding toward the woods. She had a FAWN with her, and it did its best to bound along behind her, but it was having some trouble with the tall grass. It had visible white spots on its back. MILKWEED is coming up. I saw one with buds already. Also saw some BLACKBERRIES in flower. CINNAMON FERNS have their spore stalks up. Some of Lisa’s APPLE TREES have SMALL APPLES coming already. SHAD PLUMS are coming, but they’re not ripe enough to eat yet. Saw four TREE SWALLOWS on the wires at Betty Charland’s (#1256). Noticed some SPITTLEBUG SPIT on the roadside weeds on my way home.