11:30 a.m. I’m in Winooski sitting by the Winooski River right beside the uppermost of the cascades. I do like moving water, and there’s lots of it between here and the Salmon Hole, so now I need to find the spots that feel best to me. Maybe I should just sit in different spots at different times for a while until I intuit the right place or places to be. My current theory is that it or they are down at the falls and/or just below the big water. I don’t think it’s here–at least not today. As I continued my walk, I heard or saw a GRACKLE, WARBLING VIREO, and CEDAR WAXWINGS. I think I’m watching a BIG OTTER swimming around in the Backwater Pond just beyond the end of the Riverwalk. At first I thought it was a beaver, but it doesn’t seem to be behaving like a beaver. I wish I could see the tail. In the woods beyond the backwater, I heard or saw a VEERY, ROBIN, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, CATBIRD, GOLDFINCH, TUFTED TITMOUSE, and HOUSE WREN. Watched a PILEATED WOODPECKER working really low in the trees near the trail sign. Heard or saw a DOWNY WOODPECKER, REDSTART, FLICKER, RED-EYED VIREO, and PEWEE. I like this off-the-beaten-track trail that winds around the backwater into the woods and joins up with the main trail a ways down.