12:50 p.m. Beautiful sunny day in Winooski, breezy and cool. Behind the Woolen Mill I heard a GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER. The river is high and noisy at the dam. Saw a CORMORANT swimming in the river above the dam and below the cascades. It was diving for food. The water coming down over the cascades is high and noisy too. When I entered the Winooski Natural Area, I heard a small bird singing from a big tree: tsee-tsee-tsee-o. REDSTART? Yes, definitely a REDSTART. As I wandered around the big loop, I also heard or saw SONG SPARROWS, REDWINGS, a GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER, WARBLING VIREOS, ROBINS, BLUE JAYS, a VEERY, a YELLOW WARBLER (singing from across the river in the power cut), and GOLDFINCHES. I found the SITTING STUMP that says “SIT” on it again this trip. I had missed it last time. It’s under the power lines along the trail up to Route 15. Think I heard an ORIOLE singing from the phragmites marsh area. A GRACKLE flew by. Came up onto Route 15 at the parking area for the CASAVANT NATURAL AREA TRAILHEAD. Got to Pho Dang for lunch at 2:00 p.m.