Lynn, Nancy, and I walked along the Winooski River in Richmond after breakfast at On the Rise Bakery this morning. It was a good warmup for our Annual Birdathon on Sunday. Our list included GRACKLES, GOLDFINCHES, a SONG SPARROW, BALTIMORE ORIOLE, a pair of KINGBIRDS, CHICKADEES, a WARBLING VIREO, a STARLING, ROBINS, RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS, a YELLOW WARBLER, CROW, COMMON MERGANSER, REDSTART, RING-BILLED GULLS, a DOWNY WOODPECKER, SWALLOWS we couldn’t identify, a possible OSPREY, BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, CATBIRD, CORMORANT, CHIPPING SPARROW, HOUSE SPARROW, VEERY, and HOUSE FINCH. So we heard or saw 26 species during our short walk and enjoyed poking along the Winooski River in Richmond.

Paula reports that the GOSLINGS have left the pond at 1984. Bob says the GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER is back. I’m hearing him up in the Butterfly Meadow. The BUGS (BLACK FLIES?) are wicked around my house. The PAINTED TRILLIUM is in bloom in the woods above my Thinking Bench.