I’m in Winooski wandering around the floodplain off the far end of the Riverwalk. Heard my first WARBLING VIREO of the season and saw a MALLARD floating along with the river’s current. Watched a guy harvesting FIDDLEHEADS across the river. I keep looking for the WILD LEEKS the Winooski River is named for, but I haven’t found any yet. Ran into THREE STUDENTS–FIRST YEAR ECOLOGICAL PLANNING GRADUATE STUDENTS–doing homework for their final right here in the Winooski’s floodplain. WHITE TRILLIUM in bloom on the rocky slope leading up to Route 15. Think I heard a YELLOW WARBLER–first of season. Also heard a TUFTED TITMOUSE. Saw TROUT LILIES, BLUETS, AND PURPLE VIOLETS IN BLOOM. Heard a CARDINAL and got a good look at a PILEATED WOODPECKER working on medium-sized dead trees. It had red only on the top of its head. POISON IVY is coming up. Its leaves are red. A few DANDELIONS are already going to seed in Winooski. On my way home late this afternoon, I saw the small flock of WILD TURKEYS along I-89 again.