10:15 a.m. Beautiful sunny day: Heard a BROWN CREEPER and CHICKADEE, caught a glimpse of a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH near my Root Handle, heard the GOSHAWK and a BLUE JAY, heard and saw a BROAD-WINGED HAWK. Noticed FALSE HELLEBORE coming up along the brook. Around the beaver ponds I saw a CROW and a RAVEN and heard a SONG SPARROW, PHOEBE, YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER, NUTHATCH, GOLDFINCH, and ROBIN. Saw a MOURNING CLOAK BUTTERFLY in the White Pine Meadow. Total of 15 birds for this year’s Audubon’s Birthday
Walk. LATER, on my way to Shelburne: Saw lots of COLTSFOOT IN BLOOM along Sherman Hollow Road and some MARSH MARIGOLD IN BLOOM closer to Shelburne. When I got home I finally noticed a DANDELION in bloom in my own yard. It was under the living room window near the front door growing right up against the foundation.