11:30 a.m. 47 degrees and sunny: Decided to hike up to Bob’s pond. When I got there I flushed 1 WOOD DUCK, but 4 others stayed. Then that foursome flew up, and I saw 2 more standing still way down at the far end of the pond, where Bob scatters corn in the shallow water. So there was a total of 7 (maybe 8?) WOOD DUCKS hanging around the pond at midday. When I walked on up into the woods, I saw SPRING BEAUTIES FLOWERING along the main logging road. I first noticed them where my own wild LEEKS are coming up. Heard and saw a FUSSY FEMALE HAIRY WOODPECKER. Also saw a BROWN CREEPER creeping up a tree. It flew off, and a little later I heard a BROWN CREEPER SONG. Heard and saw a WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH. It was calling in a “yank-yank, yank-yank,” two-note pattern, but then it flew off and I could hear it calling in a longer 5 or 6 note pattern. A BEECH TREE has fallen down over my Leaning Rock, which makes it kind of a messy hideout. With a little clearing out of small branches and twigs, I think I’ll still be able to enjoy leaning here and listening to the woodland sounds, one of which right this minute is the lovely sound of dead beech leaves rustling in the breeze. Spotted a YELLOW VIOLET IN BLOOM and TRILLIUM LEAVES WITH SMALL BUDS getting ready to open.