10:15 a.m. Cold, gray, overcast day. I heard a SAPSUCKER drumming on the metal chimney cap, first on my house, then on the Museum. I can hear WOOD FROGS “quacking” from the pond behind the Museum. I think I saw a PINE SISKIN just as I was starting down the Brook and Garden Path to sneak down to my bridge. Are they still here in mid-April? Saw a GRAY SQUIRREL in the woods behind my Retreat. Heard a BROWN CREEPER in the woods near the far end of my Retreat.
Ran into the GOSHAWK over by my old cabin in the woods! It scared the heck out of me by flying low and right straight at me, kek-kek-keking loudly as it flew. It drove me away for sure. I ran out of the clearing and up into the woods on the steep slope that leads up to the back boundary. It’s still harassing me as I’m taking a little breather before I dash up to the top of the ridge. It really doesn’t want me anywhere near my old cabin. Not far from the steep part of the trail near the first plateau, I found some TRAILING ARBUTUS IN BLOOM–pink ones. Found some others close by that are still in bud. I can’t seem to smell the sweet and delicious scent I associate with the FIRST TRAILING ARBUTUS FLOWERS OF THE SEASON. Heard a noisy flock of birds that I thought might be EVENING GROSBEAKS. Finally saw one, and it was indeed a grosbeak. Also saw a tail-twitching PHOEBE while I was scanning the trees. As I was wandering around looking for birds, I chanced upon a big healthy bed of WHITE ARBUTUS and finally got a whiff of my favorite scent of spring. Heard a PILEATED WOODPECKER somewhere close by but couldn’t see it. Heard a BUMBLEBEE flying around but never saw it either.

12:10 p.m. I’m sitting on Poet’s Rock, where I can hear a BARRED OWL calling from the far hillside. A few minutes later, a BARRED OWL started calling from just below where I’m sitting. I wonder if it was the same one that maybe flew across? Or was it a different one calling back? Ah the mysteries that continue to fascinate me. Found  more WHITE ARBUTUS blooming along the trail above Poet’s Rock. On my way up to the Moultroups’ LEEKS, I spotted some RUFFED GROUSE FEATHERS strewn around on the logging road. There were enough of them that I figure something killed it and maybe ate it here? There were more feathers here and there up the road. Was a predator maybe dragging it up the road?

12:50 p.m. Finally got to the LEEK BED. SPRING BEAUTIES are in bud but not blooming yet. LEEKS are about as tall as my pen. I picked some for supper. Heard a BROWN CREEPER close by while I was picking.

1:35 p.m. It started raining, and I headed downhill toward home. DUTCHMAN’S BREECHES just starting to flower near the big Wildflower Rock just above the top of Lawrence Lane. I noticed a few HEPATICAS starting too.