Another DEAD MOUSE this morning, this time in the trap near the sink. It’s below zero out, cold and clear. When I went out to get the paper I saw a big bright MOON shining in the western sky. It’s scheduled to be full at 10:27 tonight. I also spotted the BIG DIPPER again. After breakfast, Bob showed me TWO RUFFED GROUSE out the back bedroom window. They were feeding in a skinny little shadbush in the side yard.

2:20 p.m. 20 degrees F. : Bob and I took a walk in the cold winter woods. Lots of TRACKS: SQUIRRELS, TURKEYS, DEER, RUFFED GROUSE. Bob thinks one of the deer had a broken front leg and was dragging it along through the snow, which made an odd single line that looked a little like a one-legged cross country skier.