I TOOK CRAIG HEINDL’S ONE-DAY GEOLOGY COURSE. Craig did his Master’s on glacial and groundwater geology. He now works as a consultant, doing groundwater work for environmental assessments. I took lots of notes. EXCERPTS:  The WHALE found in Charlotte lived in the Champlain Sea 10,000 years ago…. There was an Indian settlement at the north end of Shelburne Pond (current water level is 340 feet, the camp was at 350 feet). Just north of where they were (half a mile), they would have been on the shore of the Champlain Sea….  Flat-topped sand and gravel DELTAS created by rivers flowing into glacial lakes made easy places to build. Two-thirds of early settlements in Vermont were built on the well-drained sandy soil of old deltas. The Burlington Airport is on an old Champlain Sea delta. There’s a huge old delta in south Hinesburg — now a sand and gravel pit — that was deposited by the Winooski River when it was flowing in a different channel. It flowed UP THE HUNTINGTON RIVER VALLEY, ACROSS THE HINESBURG HOLLOW ROAD, and emptied into Lake Coveville at Paul Casey’s Gravel Pit …. No rock as been formed since the glaciers. What we see is all surficial material. After lunch we went to the LAKE MANSFIELD TROUT CLUB and NEBRASKA NOTCH to talk about mountain glaciation.