Saw two DOWNY WOODPECKERS in the lilac outside the kitchen window — mother feeding her young, who was a big as she was. BEAVERS have put in two dams at the bottom of Sherman Hollw Brook. The lowest one is small and falling apart already. The next one up (about 18 steps up the brook) is a thicker and more substantial structure — sticks, stones, and mud. This one looks serious. Lots of small water striders on the lower brook. From lower blind: FEMALE DOWNY working low down on a dead stub, pair of CHICKADEES, PHOEBE (I think), two CEDAR WAXWINGS. The big dug pond is almost empty — there’s a KILLDEER running around on the mudflats in the middle. I was standing is the upper blind when I heard a rustling noise and a RACCOON walked in. I said, “Well, little raccoon …,” and it scooted right back out.