TRILLIUM is in leaf and bud. FALSE HELLEBORE is coming up by the brook, and there are WATER STRIDERS on the brook. Down by the wet spot coming up from the river, I saw a SONG SPARROW. It flushed up just the way last year’s song sparrow did and chipped at me from a branch not too far away. I wonder if it has a nest near where last year’s nest was? BLUETS in bloom. FERNS beginning to poke up their FIDDLEHEADS, MARSH MARIGOLD in flower. I heard a new frog singing: brreeeep, brreeeep. Saw WHIRLIGIG BEETLES whirling around on the beaver pond. Pretty sure I heard a DUCK flapping its wings — like they do when they preen. Walked through a whiff of SKUNK (or maybe FOX?) SCENT in the pine woods near the upper bank of the beaver pond. SPRING BEAUTIES and HEPATICA are in bloom near the upper blind.