Heard a MOURNING DOVE cooing nearby during the day yesterday — from the edge of the woods behind the barn maybe? Also heard a RUFFED GROUSE DRUMMING. Saw a WINTER WREN near the newest beaver pond. Its little tail was pointed straight up. BRITISH SOLDIERS are looking crisp and red. I found a wet copy of the “Hermit Thrush” lying on the ground near the old beaver pond, read it, and got depressed all over again. Audubon seems to be moving right along, everything functioning and in order, but the Nature Center itself is a mess. Maybe a wet, thrown-away “Hermit Thrush” littering the sugarbush, while the blinds are falling apart, and the beaver baffles have turned the middle ponds into mud flats, is a metaphor for what’s really happening. How long is what Audubon did to Bob going to haunt me?