My sinuses seem to act up during sugaring. They are bothering me right now — on a warm, sunny, clear spring day. Made a second visit to the ETHAN ALLEN HOMESTEAD to check for SKUNK CABBAGE. The pointed tips of their leaves were poking up out of the leaf litter in the swamp.  I noticed some bright green at the base — very well camouflaged. There’s still some ice in the swampy water. I picked one set of leaves, including the green toward the base. The leaves were tightly wrapped like endive. In the center I found a hard little structure that looked like a pin cushion. It was streaked green spotted with purple. SKUNK CABBAGE smells horrible — like a wet dog that’s been into something. I spotted a big fat one, purple on the outside, completely submerged. Little gnats(?) were active around a sawed-off stump.