I’m at CEDAR BEACH today. There’s a strong wind blowing off the lake. WHITE CEDARS have shredding bark and flat, braided leaves. I’m looking at the ones growing among the bed of leeks and trillium along the driveway. They’re tall and skinny here, and the leaves start high up on the trunk. There’s a RED CEDAR growing near the front fence. It’s bushier looking with several stems or branches growing up from low down on the trunk. The bark is peeling in flatter, wider pieces. Most of the cedars growing on the front cliff seem to be WHITE CEDARS. I noticed RED CEDARS along the road coming toward Cedar Beach (the main road, not the driveway). At Converse Bay, there are lots of RED CEDARS. Their leaves look brushy as opposed to flat. If you hold them in your hand and push against them in the direction the leaves are growing from, they feel sharp. Close up they look like small green scales growing all the way around the tips of the twigs. The trunk looks like strands of rope.