Spotted a CHRISTMAS FERN growing out of the snow up on my back hillside. It was surrounded by a mulch of beech and maple leaves in open beech woods. I saw more CHRISTMAS FERNS in a similar spot, but there were more hemlocks around. Noticed some SPINUILOSE WOOD FERNS growing under some huge hemlocks toward an open edge of the stand. When I came back down I paused to listen to the subdued sound of my partially frozen brook. Noticed another patch of SPINULOSE WOOD FERN near the brook, again growing under open hemlocks. Found a MARGINAL WOOD FERN growing on the edge of a stand of white pines intermixed with gray, white, and yellow birches. When I bent down to look at it, I must have threatened a SNOWSHOE HARE because its sudden bounding movement caught my eye. It had been in some brush about three feet from where I was. I saw it distinctly when it stopped again and froze about 25 feet from me. It seemed grayer than I expected, probably because I’ve only had white bunnies to look at before. I started moving toward it, and it bounded off again. It stopped near another brush pile. I made the mistake of taking my eye off it, and next time I looked it was gone. I walked over to where I had last seen it to look at its tracks. It had taken off down into Doug and Burma’s woods, great leaps at a time. SPINULOSE WOOD FERN at the end of the Den Trees Trail growing in an open area under white pines. CHRISTMAS FERNS just off the trail in an open spot under a few skinny hardwoods growing amongst the white pines. Counted four of them in the same area. Lots more SPINULOSE growing here and there. Finally found a MARGINAL WOOD FERN growing in the same general vicinity but right at the foot of a dead white pine. It was surrounded by pine needles, branches, and twigs. A yellow birch and a dead hawthorne growing nearby, plus a little gray and white birch and hemlock. Found 17-18 small white pines growing in the part of my side yard Gary Burger cleared.