Spent the night near Cape Sable. Took a sunrise canoe cruise. Saw white BUTTERFLIES with greenish wings, ZEBRA BUTTERFLIES (which look like swallowtails), and another small one with elaborate orange markings (looked like Question Marks and Commas). Also saw shells and algae. For birds, we saw PEEPS feeding on wet flats. Some were poking their beaks into the wet sand rapidly, looking like so many keys being typed on an old typewriter. Bob said he saw DUNLINS, SANDERLINGS, SEMI-PALMATED and LEAST SANDPIPERS. I saw another BUTTERFLY that looked like a small Monarch with white snowflakes sprinkled on its wings. I noticed that the color was a darker, rustier orange. Saw another big butterfly what was a bright gold-yellow. Spotted a HUGE THISTLE. I measured one of the five flowers growing on it. It was about half a pen length across. The plant had a thick smooth purple stem. It had spines on the leaves and bracts. I noticed a huge, gray, furry, dotted SPIDER on the huge thistle. Also saw huge GRASSHOPPERS with wings.

Later, while we were walking on the sand beach at Cape Sable, we spotted a shy and elusive SPARROW feeding in the grassy vegetation close to the beach. When flushed, it flew low over the tops of the vegetation then dove back down into it and stayed put until we almost stepped on it. It was a dark chestnut-brown bird with white on the underside.

We had a MANGROVE CAMPFIRE tonight. I could see ORION overhead through the mangroves. There were so many other stars I had trouble seeing Orion at first. MOONRISE at about 9:00 p.m.