Today we went over to the Everglades. We walked the Anhinga Trail and saw several interesting birds. First, we noticed a COMMON EGRET with unusual green around the eye. I observed that egrets have long, snakelike toes. Next we saw some WHITE IBISES, who were eating like roseate spoonbills, and an ANHINGA perched in a low branch over water with its wings held out like laundry to dry. Then we watched another ANHINGA dive and come back up looking very much like a snake — definite indications of reptilian ancestry. It caught a fish by spearing it, flipped it up into the air and ate it. I could see the fish bulging its way down the anhinga’s long skinny neck. We also saw a COOT, a GALLINULE, and a PURPLE GALLINULE. The PURPLE GALLINULE has big feet with long toes for walking on lily pads. We also saw a plant someone said was MAIDENCANE, but a botanist called it PHRAGMITES.