Today we took a day trip to the Keys. On the way we saw lots of OSPREY NESTS and OSPREYS. Also saw ROSEATE SPOONBILLS up close, three of them with a GREAT or COMMON EGRET. The SPOONBILL has long legs for wading, a medium length neck for dunking, a naked greenish head, a spoon-shaped bill for scooping food off the bottom of shallow water, and big, long-toed feet for walking on muddy bottoms. The EGRET, in contrast, has a long, sharp beak and a longer, more S-shaped neck. It kept its head high above the water most of the time — unlike the SPOONBILL, which was constantly poking its head underwater. The EGRET seems to look at what’s going on around it, while the SPOONBILL seems more concerned with what happening under water.