CHICORY is in bloom. We took a Winooski Valley Park District canoe trip down the Winooski River today. It was hot and sunny. We put in at the Forest Hills access and got to play around in the riffles before we paddled over to an island in the middle of the river to wait for everybody else (lots of people on this trip). First bird we saw was a GREEN HERON. About half a mile after we started, we heard church bells ringing from the left bank. Just after the railroad bridge, I noticed a trail on the left bank. There were big EASTERN COTTONWOOD TREES on both banks of the river and lots of COTTONWOOD SEEDS floating in the air. We saw a BLACK TERN and BANK SWALLOWS diving in and out of their nest holes in a sandy bank. A plane flew over just before I caught a glimpse of the big green Beltline signs. Just after an island there’s a big white barn up to the left. At the bottom of the island there’s a lagoon leading back to the McCrea Farm. At the McCrea Farm there’s a red barn and three silos. LATER, BACK AT HOME: The Lookout does it to me every time. The view is vast and fresh and clarifying. I love sitting here with nothing but mountains stretching up from the valley in front of me. Very nice, even on a hot steamy summer evening. HAIR-CAP MOSSES have their hair caps on.