Animal DROPPINGS on the bench in the lower blind. They don’t look like rodent droppings. There are sections (but not pellets) about the size of peas or corn. The pattern includes a cluster, then a single and a single, then a section. They stretch the full length of the bench. Ah, scatology….

Couldn’t find my SONG SPARROW NEST this evening. Saw a YELLLOWTHROAT in the willow just to the right of the path coming out of the pine woods from the direction of the swamp. Lots of small POLISTES NESTS in the blind at the dug pond. Several really small ones look abandoned. Some of the nests have wasps in residence. I would need a flashlight to do a good survey. There’s also a DRAGONFLY hooked to another bug — or is it its own nymphal case? — on the ceiling. I thought it was dead, but when I touched it, it flicked its wings. So it’s alive and well. Black segments on its wings. It’s the same species I had in my car the other day.