Walking along the road, I heard a full, rich bird song (ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK? ORIOLE? TANAGER?) right next to my house. Heard the same song again between Blood’s and the White Pine Trail, on the Nature Center side of the road. WINDFLOWER by the beaver pond, STARFLOWER by the brook. In the Heaths’ wildflower meadow BLUETS, WILD STRAWBERRIES, AND VIOLETS are in bloom. A small bird (sparrowlike) flew up practically from under my feet as I was walking across the meadow — SONG SPARROW, I think. ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK seen, heard, and identified in the sugarbush. Two MALE MALLARDS hiding at the edge of the beaver pond. At almost sundown on a coolish evening, TENT CATERPILLARS were very definitely outside their tent and crawling back and forth along the branches of the tree.