The DANDELIONS in my yard are finally in bloom. ASPENS, BIRCHES, and MAPLES are leafing out — leaves jade green and miniature. Heard a WOOD THRUSH on my way down the road, also an OVENBIRD. CATERPILLAR TENTS filling up with medium-size caterpillars. Saw (and identified!) a SONG SPARROW down by the beaver pond. It was doing a lot of tail twitching. When I first arrived at the beaver pond, two BEAVERS were out of the water, feeding and grooming on the far bank. The WOOD DUCKS are back!! A pair of them. For a few minutes the two beavers were goofing around with them. One beaver flushed the female, but she didn’t fly off. The ducks swam around the beaver lodge with the beavers for a few more minutes, but then something frightened them off. They flushed slow and low. WILD STRAWBERRIES in flower. Heard a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK (or maybe an ORIOLE?) and a VEERY.